Miriam D Lopez

USDA-ARS Biological Science Technician
Lab Manager for the Lauter Research Group
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In general, my role has been to develop and execute methods and workflows for collection,processing and curation of the large data sets associated with the quantitative genetic aspects of the project. During each field season since 2011, I have specialized in staging silk emergence for our large populations and in collecting silk samples for metabolite and corn earworm bioassays. During the rest of these years, my contributions to the project included harvesting,seed processing, nursery preparation, nursery planting, metabolite extraction, processing and curation of metabolomic data sets, and developing and executing corn earworm bioassays. I also assist with the analysis and interpretation of results from all of the large scale experiments.

Fun facts: I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, traveling, insect collecting, working outdoors, and art.

Area of Expertise: 
Plant Genetics and Genomics
Plant-Insect Interactions
Plant-Fungal Interactions
MSc, Entomology at Iowa State University, 2008
G321 Agronomy Hall, Iowa State University