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Journal Article
M. D. Yandeau-Nelson, Lauter, N., and Zabotina, O., Advances in metabolomic applications in plant genetics and breeding, CAB Reviews, vol. 10 , 2016.
M. Duenas, Klein, A., Alexander, L., Yandeau-Nelson, M. D., Nikolau, B. J., and Lee, Y. - J., High-spatial resolution mass spectrometry imaging reveals the genetically programmed, developmental modification of the distribution of thylakoid membrane lipids among individual cells of the maize leaf, Plant J, vol. 89, 2017.
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A. Feenstra, Alexander, L., Song, Z., Korte, A. R., Yandeau-Nelson, M. D., Nikolau, B. J., and Lee, Y. - J., Spatial Mapping and profiling of metabolite distributions during germination of maize seeds, Plant Physiol, 2017.
A. R. Korte, Yandeau-Nelson, M. D., Nikolau, B. J., and Lee, Y. Jin, Subcellular-level resolution MALDI-MS imaging of maize leaf metabolites by MALDI-linear ion trap-Orbitrap mass spectrometer, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2015.