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Satiander Rana (2015-2019, yeast genetics and biochemistry, deceased)

Tian Lian (2014-2015, plant transcriptomics; Present: Complex Trait Genomics Research Assistant, University of Queensland)

Graduate Students, Ph.D.

Keting Chen (2022, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology; Postdoc, Iowa State University)

Tes Dennison (2020, Interdepartmental Genetics and Genomics; Plant Breeder, AgReliant Genetics)

Colton McNinch (2020, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; Informatics Specialist, Mayo Clinic)

Bri Vidrine Nett (2019, Interdepartmental Genetics and Genomics; Transfer Lead, Stanford BioBank)

Graduate Students, Master's

Layton Peddicord (2013, Interdepartmental Genetics and Genomics; Senior Research Associate in Predictive Ag, Corteva AgriScience

Undergraduate Researchers

Ahmed Hassan (2021-2022, undergrad researcher, BCBio 490; Present: On job market)

Jack Cade (2021-2022, undergrad assistant; Present: OpenLoop)

Grace Campidilli (2019-2020, Summer REU, Honor's First Year Mentor Program; Present: undergraduate, Cornell University)

Grant Nickles (2018-2020, undergrad researcher, Science With Practice; Present: Ph.D. student, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Katelyn Hockemyer (2018-2020, undergrad researcher, previous Young Engineer and Scientist researcher as a high schooler)

Karen Granados-Nava (2017-2020, undergrad Science Bound researcher, MaGNET Award to present poster at 2019 Maize Genetics Meeting)

Bryn Myers (2017-2019, undergrad researcher, 2018 University Honors Program grant, 2018 Dean’s High Impact Award for Undergrad Research;  Present: Research fellowship and Medical School, University of Iowa)

Chloe Peterson (2018-2019, undergrad researcher, via illustration internship produced artwork depicting different portions of maize plant)

Emily Naughton (2017-2018, undergrad researcher; Present: Sequence technologist, Pittsburgh, PA)

Riley Moore (2016-2018, undergrad researcher; Present: Emergency Medical Technician)

Skylar Stefani (2016-2018, undergrad researcher; Present: Research Associate, Inscripta, Inc.)

Pauline Aamodt (2015-2018, undergrad researcher; Present: Master’s, Genetic Counseling)

Tyra Onley (2018, summer REU participant from St. Augustine's University)

Shawn Robertson (2017, summer REU participant from Chowan University)

Elly Schroeder (2017, undergrad researcher, Present: Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, Seattle University)

Zachery Sievers (2016-2017, undergrad researcher)

Heather Stokes (2016, Summer REU)

Moira Henderson (2016, Freshman Honors Research Experience)

Paul Strickler (2015-2016, undergrad researcher; Presented research at Research in the Capitol)

Umnia Mahgoub (2014-2016, undergrad researcher; MaGNET Award to present poster at 2016 Maize Genetics Meeting; Present: ​​​​​ORISE Fellow, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Amy Hyunh (2015, Freshman Honors Research Experience; Present: Project Manager, Spark Northwest)

Nayoka Peterson (2015, summer REU participant from Chowan University)

Derek Loneman (2013-2015, undergrad researcher; Present: Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital)

High school Researchers

Roaa Kordeir (2021, CyBound Summer Research Program, Roosevelt High School, Des Moines, IA)

Esther Ubadigbo (2019, 2018, Cy Bound and Young Engineers and Scientist summer research programs, Roosevelt High School, Des Moines, IA; Present: Biological Sciences undergrad at Northwestern University)

Madeleine Humpal-Pash (2017, Young Engineer & Scientist summer research program, Nevada High School, Nevada, IA; Present: Bioengineering undergrad at University of Iowa)

Amani Al-Rashid (2016, Young Engineer & Scientist summer research program, Perry High School, Perry, IA)

Jasmine Moreno (2015, Young Engineer & Scientist summer research program, North High School, Des Moines, IA)

Zachary Jones (2015, Young Engineer & Scientist summer research program, Dallas Center-Grimes High School, Grimes, IA; Present: Biochemistry undergrad at Brigham Young University)

Allyson Jorgensen (2014, Young Engineer & Scientist summer research program, Hoover High School, Des Moines, IA)

Research Experience for Teachers

Cathryn Carney (2017, Research Experience for Teachers summer research program, Boyden-Hull High School, Hull, IA)

Aaron Hahn (2016, 2015, Research Experience for Teachers summer research program, Carlisle High School, Carlisle, IA)


Derek Loneman (2015-2017, Research Associate II)

Reid Claussen (2013-2016, Research Associate II)