Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (Chowan University)

We are partnering with Assistant Professor Tyrell Carr in the Department of Biology and Physical Sciences at Chowan University, to recruit a Chowan undergraduate student each year to participate in a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program sponsored by ISU’s Center for Biorenewable Chemicals.  In Summer 2015 we welcomed Biology undergraduate Nayoka Peterson as our first REU student from Chowan University.  Nayoka and future summer researchers will be exposed to hands-on plant biology and metabolomics research.  Moreover, students will engage not only in laboratory experiments but also field experiments, which is often a new experience for undergraduate researchers.     Read more about Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (Chowan University)


Summer Research Experience for Teachers and High School Students

To enhance the science and math curriculum in Iowa high schools we are engaging teachers and students in hands-on research. We are partnering with two well-known Iowa State programs coordinated by Dr. Adah Leshem, an Education Outreach Director at Iowa State University:

  1. Research Experiences for High School Teachers (RET)
  2. Young Engineers and Scientists (YES)

In summer 2015, we were pleased to host Mr. Aaron Hahn, a high school teacher from Carlisle, Iowa who participated in the RET program.  We were also pleased to work with Zac Jones (junior at Dallas Center-Grimes High School) and Jasmine Moreno (junior at North High School in Des Moines, IA). Read more about Summer Research Experience for Teachers and High School Students



 SCIENCE BOUND is a premier program at Iowa State University, which strives to engage ethnically diverse middle and high school students from twenty Iowa schools in education and research opportunities in the fields of Agriculture, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (ASTEM).  The Science Bound program hosts Science Bound Saturdays, at which program participants come to campus and learn about scientific research.  We develop and lead hands-on plant science activities to excite teenagers from underrepresented backgrounds about science and scientific research during Science Bound Saturdays. Read more about SCIENCE BOUND Saturdays