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Our Mission

Core values word cloud *Adaptability, collaborative, creativity,  curiosity, empowerment, equity, flexibility, honesty,  integrity, open-minded, team work)Research 

Expand our fundamental understanding of the structure, function and genetic underpinnings of the plant extracellular matrix (e.g. the plant cuticle), for broader application in crop protection against environmental stresses in the face of climate change

To address scientific questions from diverse perspectives, via inter- and multi-disciplinary collaborative research in an equitable and inclusive research and discussion environment

Education and Outreach

Provide meaningful opportunities to undergrads and high schoolers in conducting research and in developing professionally

Excite and engage younger generations, particularly those from STEM-underrepresented backgrounds, in real-world science and asking scientific questions

Core Values

Our team's core values shown on the right were identified and agreed upon during several 2021 team discussions on team dynamics, values, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.   We re-evaluate this list annually.